Back to Blogging

Yes, I am back to blogging about books I read, my passion. After getting too caught up in trying to make blog friends, get tremendous amount of readers, link to other blogs, read other blogs to build more more subscribers.... I had to terminate that madness.

Now, I will be honest with you, I don't have a bookshelf full of books. No I am not that type of book addict. Not that collecting books isn't a lovable and worthy passion, I rather devote my space to items related to family and family-related memories. I listen to books on audible? Gasp! Why?

Well I commute from various locations for my employment and rather listen to books than music or news. Yes, it is still reading. Don't you dare become a book snob and say if it's not physically reading from a book it’s not reading. Reading is reading. Whether you are listening to a book, having someone it read to you, reading it to someone else, YOU ARE READING.

Of course, besides getting sucked into all these amazing worlds and meeting new people, I do enjoy turning up the volume and blasting a rather gory murder scene when someone is blasting their loud music. Top that buddy!

As I've mentioned there have been countless books I've read and blogged about, so I will try to post about all my previous reads while posting about my new books.

I'll be working on my first book review for this new blog shortly.

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay