The Sleeper by Emily Barr

Stars: ⭐️⭐️

Book details from Goodreads:

Lara Finch is living a lie.

Everyone thinks she has a happy life in Cornwall, married to the devoted Sam, but in fact she is desperately bored. When she is offered a new job that involves commuting to London by sleeper train, she meets Guy and starts an illicit affair.

When Lara vanishes from the night train without leaving a trace, only her friend Iris disbelieves the official version of events, and sets out to find her.

For Iris, it is the start of a voyage that will take her further than she's ever travelled and on to a trail of old crimes and dark secrets.

For Lara, it is the end of a journey that started a long time ago. A journey she must finish, before it destroys her.

REVIEW:  Way too many plot twists, back stories, and secrets. Adding secrets and unexpected backstories doesn’t always make a good psychological thriller. Extremely disappointed in this book.

No spoiler as it’s too convoluted with “shocking twists”
Perhaps a better summary would have been nice too.